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Roundtable Discussions on the Evolutionary Altruism Paradigm


Roundtable discussions by thought leaders across multiple arenas are in progress.  The first roundtable was published by Evolution Institute here :


In-person and video'd roundtables for 2016 will be announced soon











KARUNA how hosts a page at PATHEOS on Yoga, Meditation, Wellness, Fitness, Lifestyle and more: 






Tracking the Growth of Mainstream Science’s Shift to Altruistic Evolution


Date: April 12th, 2016

A one-day, filmed event focused on the ethical and global change implications of mainstream science’s shift to the altruistic understanding of evolution, as summarized in David Sloan Wilson’s 2015 book in the Yale/Templeton Series in the Foundational Questions of Science: Does Altruism Exist? Culture, Genes and the Welfare of Others (DAE), featuring 20 international well-known experts and thought leaders from sacred and secular roots in a series of three (3) revolving panels that struck a balance between spirituality, ethics, environment, science, sustainability, governance, social justice, arts, economics, and more.


Host: The New York Society for Ethical Culture


Host Sponsors: The National Ethical Service and The New York Society for Ethical Culture


Event Co-Sponsors (alphabetical): The Center for Earth Ethics (Union Theological Seminary), Forum 21 Institute, Friends of the

Institute of Noetic Sciences, The Interspiritual Network, Our Humanity Matters, Presence, Inside Out Journeys


Directed and produced by Tanja Andrejasic Wechsler

Filmed by Katina Productions


Video Discussions:


Panel 1:


Moderator: Yanni Maniates and David Sloan Wilson Panelists: Mitchell Rabin, Tanja Andrejasic-Wechsler, Dena Merriam, Diane Berke, Gaston Meskens , Kurt Johnson


Panel 2:


Moderator: Henrietta Weekes, David Sloan Wilson Panelists: John Thatalamil, Anne Klaeysen, Doug King, Richard Bowell, Rev. Deborah Moldow



Panel 3:

Moderator: Yanni Maniates, David Sloan Wilson Panelists: Karenna Gore, Carole Hart, Myra Jackson, Rick Ulfik, Robert Kadar, Mahan Rishi Singh Khalsa, Mindahi Bastida Muñoz


Published Discussions:

First Rountable:


Steering Toward the Omega Point


featuring written discussions by David Sloan Wilson, Kurt Johnson, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Richard Clugston, Zachary Stein, David Korten, Kevin Brabazon, Doug King, Mike Morrell, Ken Wilber.

Second Roundtable

written discussions soon to be published featuring David Sloan Wilson, Matthew Fox, Steve McIntosh, Steve Farrell, Laura George, Catherine Bell, Tanja Andrejasic Wechsler, Ken Kitatani, Herman Greene, Gaston Meskens, edited by Yanni Maniates


Interview with Steve Farrell of Humanity’s Team, Dr. Kurt Johnson and Yanni Maniates

on the topic of Evolution and Spirituality, July 16, 2016

Click on the download link below to listen to the Interview or use the download link to load it on your computer.

NB At a bit past the 8 minute mark there is an inadvertent brief musical interlude





Dr. Kurt Johnson discusses the Altruism paradigm in these comments at a July 2016 United Nations side-event during the UN High Level Political Forum with thought leaders Richard Bowell and Michael Shewchuk (


Kurt Johnson:


Other Speakers:

Current Links


Current Resource Links:



The Interspiritual Network:


Forum 21 Institute:


Interspiritual Association of Eco-Ministers:


Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality:


Light on Kundalini: 


The Interspiritual Multiplex at Interspiritual Dialogue in Action:


The National Ethical Service: 


One Spirit Learning Alliance and OSLA in Action:


The Center for Earth Ethics: 


The UN NGO Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns: 




Integral Life:


Evolution Institute: 


Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences:




Constituencies and sectors that will participate include: Faith, Interfaith, Interspiritual, Spiritual, Integral, Health, Healing, Environmental, Ecological, Science, Sustainability, Social Justice, Sustainable Agriculture, Alternative Energy, Green Business, Public Policy, and the Arts Communities



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